For New World Recording of Roberta- Jason Graae – playing the bandleader role created in 1933 by Bob Hope – is in full control of the material. Graae (pronounced Graah) is amazingly well-suited to these pre-Oklahoma musicals. He has appeared on countless recordings and numerous concerts, and always manages to make the material sound fresh and appealing.

Steven Suskind


By the time Graae has pulled his last inspired stunt, he’ll have convinced the crowd that there’s nothing he can’t do and no entertainment technique he hasn’t mastered. He’s got everything down, even the ability to ad-lib with the best of them at a heckler’s notice. Not that there’s ever a heckler. He’s too good at singing, dancing, playing the oboe…you name it!

Village Voice - NYC

Jason Graae is wired! He’ll do anything for a laugh and usually gets one!

LA Times

The undoubted Master of humorous song is Jason Graae.

John Simon

New York Magazine

Nowadays, probably no other performer could infuse (that song) with the manic mischief that Jason Graae, a frisky clown with a real tenor, pumped into it…

The New York Times

I laughed so hard I choked on my 2 drink minimum!

Oakland Tribune

Jason Graae raises versatility to new heights.


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